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 Natural history of allergy to food

Food Usual Age of Onset Cross-Reactivity
Hen’s egg white 6-24 mo Other avian eggs
Cow’s milk 6-12 mo Goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, buffalo milk
Peanuts 6-24 mo Other legumes, peas, lentils; rare cross reactivity with tree nuts
Tree Nuts 1-7 yr; adults, onset occurs after cross-reactivity to birch pollen Other tree nuts; rare cross reactivity with peanuts
Sesame seeds 6-36 mo None, known; cross reactivity with peanuts and tree nuts
Fish Late childhood and adulthood Other fish (low cross-reactivity with tuna and swordfish)
Crustaceans: Lobster, crab, and shrimp.
Mollusks: Oyster, clam, muscles
Adulthood (in 60% of patients with this Allergy) Other shellfish within each group.
Wheat ‡ 6-24 mo Other grains containing gluten
Soybean ‡ 6-24 mo Other legumes
Kiwi Any age Tropical fruits; Banana, avocado, latex
Apples, carrots and peaches ∫ Late Childhood and adulthood Birch pollen, other fruits, nuts